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See All The Leads.

If you’re like most flooring retailers, you don’t really know much about the leads your salespeople are currently chasing (or ignoring).

Retail Lead Management will increase your visibility into these leads.

And significantly decrease the amount of time you spend in sales meetings and digging through incomplete, barely legible or incoherent sales notes.

See which store and salesperson is responsible for each lead.

Every lead is assigned to a specific store, division, and salesperson.

See the potential size of each sales lead.

Each salesperson can enter and adjust the potential size of each sale.

See how each lead heard of you and came to your store.

Enabling you to adjust marketing mix and budgets.

See where every lead is in the sales funnel.

Assigned. Contact. Appointment. Estimated. On Hold. Sale. No Sale.

“We used to waste hours in meetings and digging through papers to figure out the status of leads, quotes, and sales. Now we can easily see all of that info whenever we want, from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.”

– Curt W.

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