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Sample Checkout Module Explained

The sample checkout module should be used when a customer takes or orders products samples that must be returned at a later date.

To check out a sample for a customer within the Retail Lead Management system, do the following:

Click on the name of the lead that is checking out a sample.

Click on the “Sample” tab

Click on the “Add Sample” button

A tray will appear on the right hand side of the screen where you can input information about the sample.

  • Item Type* – this is the type of sample that is being checked out. For example, if you’re a flooring store, you’d list the flooring type like “carpet” or “hardwood” in this field.
  • Item Number – this is the manufacturer’s item number for the sample
  • Brand Name – this is the brand name of the sample
  • Style Name – this is the style name of the sample
  • Color Name – this is the color name of the sample

*Indicates a mandatory field

Click on the “Approximate Return Date” dropdown and select the date when the customer should return the sample.

If you do not have a sample on hand and need to order it, check the box next to “On-Order”.

The dropdown below will change to “Estimated Delivery Date”. Click on the dropdown and select the date you expect the sample to arrive.

Click on the “Add Sample” button to add the sample to the lead. The tray will remain on screen.

Repeat the steps above for each sample you want to add to the lead, and then click on “close” when you’re done.

When you view the lead’s “Samples” tab, you’ll see all samples associated with that specific lead.

On the far right of each sample, there will be a green button that shows the sample’s status –“On Order”, “With Customer”, or “Returned”—and the corresponding date for that status.

Notifications are sent to the user with which the lead is associated and to the manager(s) of that user (based on their locations, divisions, and pipelines) when the “on order” date or “with customer” date has passed. This reminds the user to contact the customer and remind him/her to pick up their ordered sample or return the sample they’ve checked out.

To update a sample’s status, do the following:

If you click on the button when it reads “on order” it will change to “with customer”. This means the sample has arrived and is now with the customer.

If you click on the button when it reads “with customer” it will change to “returned”. The date above will change to today’s date. This means the customer returned the sample today.

If you make a mistake and need to change the sample status from “Returned” to “With Customer”, click on the green button again. Then you must click on the item description and edit it to update the estimated return date. Then click on the “Edit Sample” button to save your changes.

If you make a mistake and need to change a sample status from “With Customer” to “On Order”, click on the item description, and click on the “on order” checkbox again. Then click on the “Edit Sample” button to save your changes.

To view the sample listing screen, click on the menu button on the far left of the screen.

At the bottom of the tray, you’ll see a samples section. You can view samples based on open leads, closed leads, or all leads. When you click on one of the lead types, you’ll be taken to the sample listing screen. You’ll see that each sample checked out for a customer has its own row, and you can see all of the sample’s information in that row.

You can filter, sort, and search the data on the sample listing page just like any other listing page in the Retail Lead Management system.