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Managing the Listing Screen

To sort a column, click on the downward pointing arrow button to the right of the column name. A dropdown menu will appear with the options to sort it in ascending or descending order (alphabetically or numerically), hide the column, or pin it to the left or right (hold the column in place as the last column on the left or right of the screen).

To search for a customer, click in the blank field in the “Name” column and type the name for which you’re searching.

To filter results, click on the dropdown field underneath the column name to select the specific criterion by which you’d like to filter the listing screen results

To export the leads shown on screen, click on the sprocket/gear button in the upper right corner, and select “Export Leads”

To reset the screen, click on the “Refresh Filters” button in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard to clear all filters.