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Better Manage Your Leads and Your Sales Team.

The more information you have easy access to, the better you can manage and help your salespeople.

And the better you can manage and help your salespeople, the better salespeople they’ll be.

Assign or reassign leads to the appropriate salesperson.

Salespeople can assign themselves to leads that they bring in. You can assign leads on a rotating basis. Or you can assign leads according to each team members strengths, geography, or schedule.

Track what has and hasn’t been done with each lead.

Not only can you see what has and hasn’t been done, you can also look at each lead to make recommendations to salespeople about potential next steps or what they could do differently next time.

Automatically remind your team of next steps.

Morning emails remind what next steps should be completed that day, and evening emails report which scheduled next steps weren’t completed.

Easily add, store, and access quotes, notes, photos, and more.

With all this stuff in one convenient place, less time is spent looking for things, and fewer leads slip through the cracks.

Create simple, on-the-fly reports.

By salesperson, close rates, status, lead source, product type, and more.

Assign leads to custom pipelines.

Optional custom pipelines allow you to keep different lines of business separate, and select different default preferences to optimize Retail Lead Management for each pipeline.