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Close More Leads.

The goal of any lead management tool (or client relationship management tool) is simple: close more leads. Get more sales.

And that’s exactly what Retail Lead Management is designed to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just turn more leads into more customers.

Retail Lead Management customers have experienced up to a 40% increase in sales after implementing the tool.

Increase close rates.

Some existing clients are reporting close rates as high as 70%.

Reduce lost leads.

Salespeople get busy, and that’s when leads fall through the cracks. Retail Lead Management helps salespeople (and you) keep track and follow-up on all their leads.

Improve timely communications and follow-ups.

Nothing kills leads more quickly than being slow to respond.

Hold salespeople accountable.

It’s amazing how good salespeople get at following up on and closing leads when everyone can see each rep’s progress, successes, and dropped balls.

And understand why you lose the ones you lose.

By tracking why you lose sales, you can adjust processes, pricing, product mix, personnel, and more. So you can win more.

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