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Additional Expenses

  • Lead Management - Initial standard single pipeline build with standard fields


  • Lead Management - New account one-time set up and initial training*

    $400 one time

  • Customer Management Module - Set up and training

    $600 one time

  • Additional training website help section / recorded trainings


  • Additional training with a trainer – online meeting

    $125 per hour

  • Each additional pipeline with standard fields

    $300 each

  • Pipeline custom builds – non-standard fields

    $150 per hour

  • Pipeline custom updates

    $150 per hour

  • Website integration – aligned**


  • Website integration – non-aligned

    $150 per hour

  • Website integration changes based on website changes

    $150 per hour

  • API standard integrations***

    $400 per integration

  • API standard integrations monthly maintenance (per integration)

    $50 per month

  • API custom integrations

    $150 per hour

  • API custom integrations monthly maintenance (per integration)

    Custom quoted

  • 1 additional GB of storage

    $.99 per month

*Initial training session is 90 minutes in length – can be split into two 45 minute sessions

**Aligned website vendors – Floor Force, Mobile Marketing, and Creating Your Space

***Retail Lead Management standard integrations include RollMaster, CompUFloor, QFloors, RFMS, Centah,, Podium, and BirdEye.