Sample Checkout Module Explained

The sample checkout module should be used when a customer takes or orders products samples that must be returned at a later date. To check out a sample for a customer within the Retail Lead Management system, do the following: Click on the name of the lead that is checking out a sample. Click on [...]

Statuses Defined

Open – This status is for leads that are current potential sales opportunities.  The stages of “Unassigned”, “Assigned”, “Accepted”, “Contacted”, “Appointment”, “Estimated”, “Negotiations” and “On Hold” are considered “Open”. Closed – This status is for leads that have already been sold or are no longer current potential sales opportunities. The stages of “Sale”, “No Sale”, [...]

Lead Detail Screen Explained

Lead Detail Screen – this screen shows all information associated with a specific lead Sprocket/Gear button (on the lead detail page)  - This button opens a menu where the user can do the following: Change Stage – update the lead’s stage within the sales pipeline Assign – assign the lead to a user Attach Files [...]